The Most Engeging Place to Reach Your Clients is Facebook Messenger
I can tell you what a Messenger Bot is, but the best way to really understand a Bots potential is to experience it yourself! 
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Messenger Marketing
Reach future, current, and past clients using The Facebook Messenger platform. With open rates between 80-95%, Messenger marketing is the Holy Grail for businesses that want to connect with clients!
Digital Advertising
Advertising your products and/or services to target your ideal clients on any online channels (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, PPC, etc)

Content Marketing
Creating, updating, and optimizing your content channels of your Website and/or Email Marketing, to stay connected with clients and show your expertise.

The Ultimate Guide To Messenger Marketing and Facebook Chatbots
Communication Is Changing

The way people communicate is changing in a big way.
Just compare the way you communicate today with the way you did 10 or 15 years ago. If you’re like most people, you have shifted away from email and phone calls and toward SMS and messenger apps.
How to Automate Business Growth with Email Follow-up

If you are a business owner and you have a client list there’s tremendous opportunity in that list.
There’s a lot of money that can be extracted from that list if you know how to do it.
So, the truth is there is not money in the list unless you know how to monetize it.
The reason it’s an chicken and an egg thing because you can’t think about building a client list until you first answer the question…

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